Tuesday, April 03, 2007

#7: Claudia and Mean Janine (1987)

"Anyway, on that busy Wednesday morning, I finished dressing in my favorite art class outfit - black jeans, a giant bright blue t-shirt, and a snake bracelet that I wore above my elbow - and ran downstairs."


Sarah said...

"Oh, one sec! Be right there! Just let me grab my snake bracelet!"

Anna said...

I sooo re-produced that outfit in real life. I even found a snake bracelet big enough to fit above my elbow at the dollar store.

nina said...

I actually think a girl could wear that outfit today! Granted, the shirt would have to be small and not over-sized and the jeans wouldn't be like "Mom Jeans," as seen on the book covers.

Miakoda said...

that outfit sounds relatively boring and lame. And what about the shoes and hair? I can't picture this.

Sarah said...

i was always so jealous of that snake bracelet

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