Saturday, October 13, 2007

#44: Dawn and the Big Sleepover

". . . even the way she dresses is artistic. For instance, she walked into school today wearing a bright yellow, oversize man's jacket with rolled-up sleeves; a wide paisley tie right out of the nineteen-sixties; orange stirrup pants; ankle boots; and huge hoop earring - and you know what? [What?!] On her, it looked totally cool."


And now, the outfit you've all been waiting for. Seriously, if I remember my blog comments correctly, multiple folks have reminisced about Claud appropriating some Flintstones-themed style. For those of you that have hazy half-memories of some ludicrous shit, let me bring this gem of an outfit to the forefront of your minds again. You may never be able to forget it. And if you're lacking a Halloween costume, may I suggest going as Claudia's Tribute to a Time When Dinosaurs and Humans Coexisted in Cartoon Harmony?

"Claudia greeted us at the door to her room with her hair in a ponytail on top of her head, held up by a huge barrette in the shape of a bone, like Pebbles in The Flintstones. It made her hair bounce when she moved. She was even wearing a Pebbles-type outfit - a pink, off-the-shoulder blouse with huge polka dots and a ragged bottom over black tights. On anyone else it would have looked dumb or babyish, but on Claudia it looked cool."

Dawn may want to have her eyes checked; I'm not sure even our fictional fashion idol could pull off this one. At least it's not a side ponytail, I guess. The illustrators for this series relied far too much on that particular hairstyle.


Laurie Anne said...

"I am alarmed." Too funny :)

katy said...

I would think at some point the school would have to step in. These outfits can not possibly be condusive to a good learning environment.

Mehreen said...

I remember the Pebbles outfit, and I remember thinking that I wish I could fit all my hair into a bone barrette on the top of my head.

Lisa said...

I just discovered your blog. And I love you.

lalaliu said...

your blog has seriously been the most addicting thing I've encountered.

missjess said...

I am trying to remember the book where they all went to a costume party and everyone was wearing some kind of ridiculous costume. All I remember is Kristy and Bart were matching lobsters. (there are no words)

Heather said...

wow! I had no idea what to expect when I clicked on the link to your blog, and I am truly, truly, truly blown away by amazingness.

Alex said...

oh my god. I thought I had imagined that outfit. Thank you!

Caro said...

Claudia's coolness transcends ugly

Erin said...

one of the first books in the series was claudia-themed about a family who didn't want her to babysit because she was (is?) asian. i know the cover's byline was "Who wouldn't want Claudia to babysit?!". I'm pretty sure it features C. Kishi in a green fedora, but maybe my imagination runs away with me. I think the book was called "Claudia and the Racist Kids" or something along those lines. Check it out because the earliest BSC books had the most descriptions of C. Kishi couture.

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