Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Super Special #4: Baby-sitters Island Adventure

I'm skipping Super Specials #2 and #3 because I don't really remember any outfit stuff going on. In #2 they were at summer camp and wore uniforms (whatever on that one, by the way) and in #3 Claudia was really busy having a crush on that skiing instructor. I'll come back to them at a later date, maybe. I know you're cool with it.

Especially since this is the Super Special in which Claudia loses a race because of fashion.

"The race started off well (for me) since I was ahead. I had dressed properly for sailing - loose, comfortable clothing that I could move around in [California Casual], and that wouldn't get caught in anything. Claudia, on the other hand, couldn't help dressing up just a little. She is a real clotheshorse, and I guess she wanted to look good, since she knew we'd have an audience. So she'd put on a tank top and baggy drawstring pants. Over the top, she was wearing a button-down shirt of her father's. [Mr Kishi: "Dammit Claudia!"] The sleeves were rolled up, but none of the buttons were buttoned. She was also wearing big earrings that she had made herself. Claudia is quite artistic. [News to me!] So the thing is, she looked good but, as it turned out, she was not dressed for sailing.

As soon as we were on the water and had picked up some speed, her shirt started blowing around. She was busier peeling the shirt off her face than she was steering the boat or doing anything else. Then one of her huge earrings got caught on a sail and had to struggle to set it free. With the wind blowing around me, I couldn't hear anything from her boat, but I could see her lips moving and I bet she was saying some things she isn't supposed to say."

Claud is a badass. Also - suck it, Dawn. Kidding! Mostly.

"That morning I dressed sensibly for our rematch. No jewelry at all (I was not about to lose on account of earrings), and a long-sleeved jersey that I could tuck into my jeans. I even pulled my hair back and braided it so it wouldn't blow in my face.

At about ten o'clock my phone rang. I was just finishing putting on my makeup. (I didn't see how I could possibly lose a race on account of makeup.)"

"Luckily, Dawn didn't seem to need a response. She went on talking. "What, um, what are you wearing?" she asked. I could tell she was trying not to laugh.

'Jeans, a polo shirt, sneakers, and a visor. And my hair is braided, and I do not have any jewelry on,' I answered indignantly."

Actually, that part makes me laugh. Dawn, you're off the hook this time.


Mehreen said...

How did her earring get caught in a SAIL?! I really need to re-read my BSC!!

Aoife said...

Careful Dawn! She might say words she's not supposed to say! Like calling the line on the boat a rope, or pronouncing it main-sayle.

damned_cat said...

this blog makes me want to dust off all my super specials.

and here i thought it was possible to outgrow the BSC.

p.s. i'm sure it's been covered in a past entry, but does anyone remember those socks they talked about (i think in the one where they were all getting their ears pierced) ... the socks would just fall into these weird rolls (aided, presumably, by gravity)?

JaneEyre said...

ok, awesome-- but now you have me yearning to find the book and reread the bit where they shipwreck on one of those 'mysterious islands' off the coast of connecticut that are apparently unchartered. and is it claudia or dawn that loses it and can't handle the pressure of being a castaway?

jinius said...

Before there was LOST there was Island Adventure! This book taught me to drink lots of water in the event of a shipwreck.

stace said...

Woah- Claudia had to wear the same boring outfit the whole time they were on that damn island!
I loved that book by the way, like I'm loving this blog ;]

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