Monday, September 07, 2009

Contest Wrap-Up; Claudia Kishi Demands More Feathers

Guys. You all want that famous cities skirt from Logan Likes Mary Anne! really, really badly. Note to etsy sellers: if you can reproduce this item, you should do so. And let me know about it, 'cause I've got some readers who would be all over that shit like white on rice. (Or brown on rice. Or Claudia on a Mounds bar.)

Jessica Lewis (who is "a little more classic and tame than Claud" but would consider sporting a fedora or some cowboy boots) is the lucky winner of the Chickdowntown contest. In the interest of full disclosure, there was not a sassy hat involved in the selection process. Your names went into a sassy zebra-print hobo bag. Claudia approved! Jessica, shoot me your mailing information ( and we'll get you decked out with that Moyna clutch. Everyone else: I wish I could provide you with the squiggle pins and handmade earrings you so desperately desire. Stay tuned; there'll be another contest coming your way soon. More information to come. For now, I'll just say that if you like really dark young adult lit., get pysched.
Because I'm still trying to be more responsible with the whole money thing (apparently you need it to get food and stuff!), I'm not doing any big change-of-season shopping trips. But lord knows I would love to be droppin' cash like I was made of it. Especially since Gap came out with this new line of jeans and the campaign is full of very convincing arguments as to why they are the greatest thing since Ring Dings.

Other things I would buy if I was the stepdaughter of Watson Brewer (he's a millionaire! They live in a mansion! Of course he would want to buy me new Fryes!): some killer boots to pair with my skinny jeans (pictured: Carmen three strap, Owen crepe tall, Deborah studded), Lucky Brand jewelry, Madewell's Slim Slouch jeans, and Urban Outfitter's beaded feather necklace, as modeled by a Wakefield twin.


text machine said...

those gap jeans are calling to me too. especially since they're not even expensive, really (I think they're $20 off the regular $70 right Canadian dollars anyway). it's hard to be strong and not spend.

and well played on the Watson Brewer reference. I forgot about him. and his annoying children Karen and...the boy.

Lexie said...

this next contest sounds quite intriguing!

and boy do you love that boho jewelry!!

Jaime said...

Lovely blog! Found through's post today. Love that Urban necklace...great piece for fall.

I am a Boston-based blogger...going to add you to my Mass blog roll :)

@laviejaime (twitter)

notemily said...

I DO want that skirt! I've wanted it since age 9 or so.

amy kelinda said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. I'm de-lurking!

First: Hottest boots ever.
Second: I tried on those GAP jeans and wasn't too impressed. They felt too thin and stretchy, and I don't like thin and stretchy jeans. Ah well. Maybe it was just the cuts I tried? (skinny and straight leg)

jessica lewis said...

Thank you, Kim! :)


Karen said...

Just discovered your blog via Frankie Magazine's newsletter. Very awesome and incredibly close to home. When I was 10 I wore black tights and an over-sized tye-died turtle-neck sweater every day for a week thinking I was as cool as Claudia (not sure which book that was from though). I have the photos to prove it too!
I think I'm gonna dig out my old collection of BSC books/memorabilia. ;p said...

I have those Frye boots (Carmen 3-strap) in grey. Love them!

E!SPN said...

Ok so I know this is ridiculously late commenting on this entry, but you're right. the Gap jeans are so boss. I bought some the day after Christmas, and literally have worn a skirt/leggings/or otherwise only three times (Gross, I know.) They are so comfy, and under 70 bucks. Woo woooo. I went for the relaxed/destroyed fit, but no no, not the boyfriends.

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Wanderlusting said...


Not kidding!

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