Saturday, September 19, 2009

Move Over, Logan Bruno

It's been quite a month. I haven't even seen the new Gossip Girl yet. Does this mean my fascination is waning? Not sure. All I know is that I tried to amp myself up by watching some promos on youtube. The only resulting emotion? Fear. Oh -- also confusion. 'Cause I am completely flummoxed by whatever is on top of Dan Humphrey's head. Is that a wig? What the hell is going on here?

Please advise.

Anyway, it's September. Which means that the senior members of the BSC are beginning their final year at Stoneybrook Middle School. For the millionth time. I wonder what they all wore on the first day? Maybe Kristy decided to really mix it up and sported some Dockers. Fashion!

Hopefully Mary Anne is growing out that terrible haircut. You know, the one she got last year. In eighth grade.

Welcome to Stoneybrook, where time passes but nobody ages.

Until I get to a book entry (soon! or at least before it starts snowing!) check out:

Our Fave Style Bloggers Show Us Their Fall Must-Haves at Lemondrop. I didn't end up with the blazer. It probably would have looked like crap on me, anyway. But man, it looks fly as hell on the model!

I gotta say, it's pretty damn helpful to live near an Urban Outfitters. Like, they had this macrame owl wall hanging that looked totally bomb on the website. And then I saw it in the store. And I was like: "oh". (You can quote me on that!) It was large and majestic online, but small and pitiful in person. And really depressed, like a macrame owl dealing with an opiate addiction. You don't want a downer owl in your living room, bringing down the mood. Before you know it, all your other owls are sighing heavily and smoking a lot of cigarettes, and . . . wait, where was I going with that? Oh, I think I was just pointing out that sometimes things are (regretfully) not as awesome in person as they are on the internet.

Some things, however, are.
That's me. I often sit sideways in my rocking chair, looking meaningfully at my coffee table. Whatever. That's not my point. My point is: THE SHOES, DAMMIT. I mean, look at them.

Logan Bruno has nothing on my boyfriend.

I was pretty psyched when he told me he had a surprise for me. He was all "yeah, you know, it's no big deal, about on par with the pumpkin ales" and I was like well, that's pretty cool. A guy who shows up with your favorite seasonal beer (and sometimes a pint of Ben & Jerry's when you've had a bad day) is clearly a winner. So I was expecting something delicious. Instead he shows up with a huge box from I'm suspicious. And then he pulls out a shoe box. Light grey and black. Frye. Since 1863.

I just about fell over. They're epic. They're this perfect, warm, burnt sienna color. The heel is intense. They're studded. They make fun clacky noises when I walk around in them. And they're huge - when I first put them on, he laughed and called me a giraffe. My feet might freeze (what with the peep toe) but I simply do not care. They are that good.

So yeah, Logan Bruno ain't shit.

And if you've got a yearning for even more hilariously awkward self-portraits, check out my interview* over at Worn Journal. Because when I'm not staring meaningfully in the direction of my couch, I'm sitting on my kitchen table between stacks of BSC books. Totally normal! Who doesn't spend their free time doing just that?

What? Normal people?

* I think the biggest challenge (and I do mean 'of my entire life') was coming up with a list of the top 10 most stylish characters from children's literature. The second biggest challenge was not running out and buying copies of all of the books I mentioned in the list. How great were the Wayside School books? Can we internet book club those suckers? Why yes, I will be 26 this October!


Melanie said...

DANG, that's a good boyfriend.

jacqueline c said...

Wow, lucky! I've been surprised many times, but not with shoes.


I love the Wayside kids, and Louis Sachar as well. Do you remember There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom? I cried.

Cassiopeia said...

AMAZING SHOES! So jealous... Xxxc

Sondra said...

Ahh, those shoes are amazing! :D Your boyfriend has good taste for a straight guy haha. And you lived in Wappinger's Falls? :)

Isabel said...


All-consuming jealousy. Gah.

rachael said...

Speaking of BSC chronology, I was always so confused by where the super specials/mysteries/mystery super specials fell in relation to the "regular" series. When I was 8, I just assumed that Ann finished up the regular series, then did the super specials, and then did the mysteries. Trying to figure out when Dawn and Stacy moved back and forth and when various sets of parents got divorced/married totally primed my mind for Lost.

Liza said...

"Dockers. Fashion." - Turn to the left.

Yeah, I watched Clueless yesterday, what of it?

molly said...

WHAT - not only was that an incredible and thoughtful gift, but it is most impressive how well he knows your tastes!
logan bruno aint shit indeed

Emmaleigh said...

"Logan Bruno ain't shit." Hahaha aw come on, if Mary Anne had wore something other than pink he might've obliged!

Your blog is hilarious - so glad I stumbled upon it! x

Desirae said...

He is certainly a keeper. Those shoes are HOT!!

maybeimamazed02 said...

Your boyfriend rox, ain't no doubt about it.

And word on Gossip Girl...I started losing interest as soon as Dan slept with the teacher. Funny how I really liked him in season one, then he became such a self-righteous douche in season two.

lilybeansmommy said...

Sharie from the Wayside School books? Well played! I'd like to buy Louis Sachar a beer.

Miss Peregrin said...

Wow, what a great present! Kudos to your boyfriend for choosing so well.

Shannon said...

Those shoes are awesome. Want.
Great interview!

Amy said...

Just read your interview... have I been living under a rock?? HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU HAVE A BLOG DEDICATED TO CHUCK BASS!?

Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe!

P.S. Those shoes are STUNNING!

amy kelinda said...

I think your boyfriend needs a standing ovation. AMAZING.

Lexie said...

WHOOOOOA what a nice boyfriend!

PS. my eyes went STRAIGHT to the shoes. i dont play.

awshucks said...

Was Sleepover Friends the one where the girls entertained at little kids' parties? One was Sparkle and another was Barkle?

Tiff said...

Your boyfriend is kick-ass. So is mine. I found the perfect pair of cute, pointy-toed, not-too-high black boots that actually fit my calves (major problem), and I had no money to buy them. I almost cried. He went and got them for me.

Anyway, aside from boys who are better than Logan Bruno, I loved your list of YA characters with the best fashion senses. Stephanie from Sleepover Friends was totally my hero for awhile, just because of the whole black, white, and red thing. I mean, it takes real dedication to turn down other colours--what if you find the perfect green skirt? etc.

Katie said...

your boyfriends (and those shoes!) are the shit! lucky girl. . . <3

Bri Elise said...

Jealous of your shoes - but more of the fact that your boyfriend bought them for you.

amy kelinda said...

I thought of you when I read this!

Looks like the Sweet Valley High flick is a go!

So@24 said...

My eEars were burning.

Syd said...

In your future entries, please, please discuss how when Stacey found out her parents were getting divorced, to cheer herself up, she dressed in bright colors, and I believe, wore a necklace made of wooden fruit.

Laine, of course, wore all black. Because that is what we New Yorkers DO.

Cirilia said...

How did I not know you when I lived in Amherst?!...this blog is amazeballs.

88Keys said...

If loving the Wayside books is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Oh, and you are very pretty. :)

Scroogette said...

Ha! I love your blog. Just found it. I love those shoes too!

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