Friday, August 27, 2010

Shopbop Giveaway: We Have a Winner!

378 comments later, we have a winner. I used a random number generator to pick the winning comment, because I'm fair like that. You know I'm fair, because my girl Helen won, and her favorite babysitter is Stacey. I don't even like Stacey.

So congratulations Helen! Thanks to all of you for entering and to Shopbop and Juicy Couture for sponsoring the giveaway. I tallied up your responses, and though I can't promise I didn't miss a few or count someone's answer twice (many of you had multiple favorites, or a different favorite now than you did during your youth), here's the unofficial "favorite babysitter" results.

Claudia was the runaway winner, with 163 votes.
Stacey was your second favorite - she got 74 votes, followed by:
Mary Anne: 62 votes
Dawn: 46 votes
Kristy: 42 votes
Mallory: 13 votes
Jessi: 7 votes
Abby: 6 votes

Apparently What Claudia Wore readers don't care for asthmatics from Long Island who show up in book #89 to spice up the club with bad puns and twin switches. Maybe you'd stopped reading by then. Judging by the quality of the book I'm reviewing now (#107: Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!*), that was probably a wise move on your part.

* Yep, that's the actual title.


cerebral e said...

How did Mallory get so many votes? Ugh.

Kate said...

lol i totally remember reading Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!

Skeggjold said...

The last BSC book I read was the Super Special where Dawn's Dad is getting married and she asks Mary-Anne to be the other bridesmaid. It seemed weird to have the guy's ex-wife's step-daughter there, but whatevs. It had the "Name the Twins" contest advertised on the cover.

Dawn was my fave and when my fellow Cali girl was out, so was I.