Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Claudia Kishi Can't Help Being Inspirational, She Just Is
Phi sent me the gorgeous image you see above. She's taken on the task of interpreting ghostwriter fashion speak and illustrating Claudia's outfits. This rendition of Claud's look in book #60 (Mary Anne's Makeover) is her first installment. I'm particularly loving the paint-splattered leggings.

You can follow Phi's adventures in illustration at entropificus. I'm looking forward to her versions of Claudia's most iconic outfits, like her Mexican train engineer garb or her clock-tights & lobster earrings look.


Stace said...

Holy shit, that is the absolute opposite of shit!
Phi is amazing. You and she shuld do a blog together, it would be like, something cool and clever about junk food, IDK JUST DO IT.

Stace said...

PS. should*.
I feel like I should write something else, so it's less of an annoying comment... ART RULEZ
Well, not mine.

The Girl Behind the Masque said...

I'm so pleased someone is doing this- it's just what was needed image wise! And it's a great addition to your (already pretty brill) words.

The Girl Behind The Masque x

Connie said...

This is amazing. By the way seriously loving your blog. Claudia Kishi and fashion, what more could a girl want.

The Heartbreak

E N T R O P I F I C U S said...


*jumps into the air with right hand hooked and shaking in joy*

Thank you, Kim!

honeycomb frog said...

i've always considered doing this but never had the time. i'm glad, because i'm nowhere near as talented as this!

The_Mistletoe289 said...

Wow, if I tried to do that, it would probably look like I had drawn a cartoon. A badly drawn cartoon that has oddly turned-out feet. I can't draw people, ok? Phi sure can, though. This is AWESOME!!!

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