Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hopelessly Devoted To Shoe

I'm moving this summer, for the third time in three years. I'm starting to get into move mode, which for me means months and months of freakin' out and packing (and then unpacking and repacking) and sorting, endless sorting. There is a method to my madness, I'm sure. I just don't exactly know what that method is.

In preparation, I've been doing a slow, methodical purge of my wardrobe. It's happening in waves. A few weekends ago I went through my shoe collection and got rid of 17 pairs. I suspect I will be purging more in the months to come -- it's just hard to let go all at once. Anyway, this means that I can spend some time happily window shopping, right? As long as I don't buy anything until I'm settled. (Expect pictures of my bedroom-closet when that happens. There's gonna be necklaces everywhere! A bookcase devoted to my Fryes! Etc.!)

But yeah . . . in the meantime it's all sweet dreams of new oxfords and clogs (and media centers from Pottery Barn).

Frye Erin oxford, $168

Frye Hutch shootie, $178

Anthropologie Come Together heels, $190

Anthropologie Wild Blooming clogs, $148


Wair Blaldorf said...

The come together heels are great! I actually had a nightmare last night I was at anthropologie and all the workers were REALLY mean. Go figure!

Whitney said...

ooh, I love the white wedges

Robyn said...

Hells yes it's ok to have a bedroom-closet. That's actually one of my life goals right there. Only problem with rentals is that you can't put in a doorway so you don't need to go into the hall to get to your stuff.

Suze Garcia said...

Going back through many posts I've missed... and omg I used to layer my socks like Claudia's, it's all coming back to me now. I'd layer pink on purple, roll one down and then roll the other on top. Sigh, the 90's.

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