Monday, November 12, 2012

Yumi Sakugawa Gets It

Just found the most amazing illustrated essay: Claudia Kishi: My Asian-American Female Role Model Of The '90s. Yumi Sakugawa is my favorite person right now. Go read the whole thing immediately, adult Dawn Schafer is portrayed as a tanorexic wearing a pot leaf necklace. Can't even handle the greatness of that image.

Monday, November 05, 2012

The Most Claudia-Ass Shit on Urban Outfitters Right Now

The most Claudia-ass shit on Urban Outfitters right now.

Dr. Martens boots
I saw these on Miley Cyrus because I have the internet surfing habits of a 15 year old.

Dr. Martens buckle boots
As part of her exploration into buckles as self-expression. New garage art show theme!

Jansport backpack
Let's be real though, Claudia doesn't mess around with tie-dye. She does that shit herself.

Ecote handbag
This is a fannypack and you know it, Urban Outfitters. A VELVET fannypack, no less.

Cooperative mini bag
As part of her Miss Frizzle underwater motif outfit.

Post earrings
They're, like, a statement on materialism, you know? Stacey doesn't get it.

Chain jewelry
Claudia Lynn Kishi and earcuffs: like peanut butter and dyslexic jelly.

She Colors Way Outside the Lines bangle
Tribute to Mimi's impassioned defense of her butterfly self-portrait.

Cooperative knit glove
Paired with her dangly jointed skeleton earrings.

Spitfire vintage style eyeglass
Stolen from Janine. Gave her a headache.

Cooperative Animal Beanie - Urban Outfitters
Sheep are out, pandas are in.

Highline Round Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
To hide her eyerolls while co-sitting with Mallory Pike.