Tuesday, November 27, 2007

#75: Jessi's Horrible Prank

In non-BSC related news, I got linked to by a comment in Oh No They Didn't. I am silly amounts of happy about it. Haaay ONTD!

Also, Lindsay, perhaps Claudia can help you. You look horrible.*

Claudia, on the other hand, looks fantastic. At least according to Jessi she does. But Jessi considers ballet leotards haute couture, so we shouldn't take anything she says too seriously.

First off, this paragraph starts with the usual girlcrushing 'she looks like a model even though she consumes 5 pounds of chocolate on a daily basis' drivel, so we're skipping straight to the outfit. But I thought I'd let you know it was there.

"she always puts together the coolest outfits, mostly from stuff she finds in flea markets. For example, at that meeting she was wearing '50's-style cat's-eye glasses frames, a plastic barrette in the shape of an alligator, a tie-dyed T-shirt, and bell-bottoms. "

Does anyone get the feeling that Claudia dresses crazier than usual for BSC meetings, just to freak out the more sedate members of the club?

p.s. if you have not seen Kristy's Serious Case of Bitchface in the previous entry, the time is now.

* I would also be glad to help, for a meager six-figure consultation fee. Let me know.


KreativeMix said...

LMAO.......... you're too funny :-)

Aoife said...

Only one? I feel cheated


Kim said...

I wish I could provide more. Jessi was too busy with her Horrible Prank. Which . . . I can't even talk about it, the army of ghostwriters totally failed me.

In the future, to fill in the gaps I'll just start making up some outfits. Kidding! (Probably.)

a.flower.at.fall.of.frost said...

Officially my favorite blog ever.

Prentzel said...

On that comment on LiveJournal, one of the repliers was Elyse Sewell. She was the runner up for America's Next Top Model Cycle One, and she has an awesome blog.

Just thought I'd clue you in if you didn't know. Because it's awesome that she sort of knows who you are.

Michelle said...

ok so she's Just wearing the frames of the eyeglasses?? Not the shades too? Won't that look a little...I-stole-these-from-the-eye-doctors?

p.s. love the blog, I shared the link with readers of claudiasroom.blogspot.com, which is a major snarkfest of BSC books, & really funny too.

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