Friday, April 10, 2009

A Moment with the Concept of 'Hipster': Not Just Parliaments and PBRs! (They Are Still Important.)

Thanks to tumblr and hipsterrunoff, I'm completely saturated with sarcastic and hilarious information about what it truly means to be a hipster. I recently looked up 'hipster' on urbandictionary (favorite definition: "You, for reading ironic, pseudo-intellectual dictionary entries on the word 'hipster'."), which led to me bein' all shame-faced and reaching for nail polish remover to get rid of the chipped black polish I may or may not have been wearing.

If you've yet to read Jeffro's Anatomy of a Hipster posts, go waste some time doing so. They are brilliant. Below are some of my favorites (disclaimer: no personal relevancy, of course - I am a magically original creature!*).
  • They are otherwise unable to read things that are not in big, bold Helvetica.
  • If you say "indie" ten times in the dark and in front of a mirror, Julian Casablancas will appear and blow cigarette smoke in your face.
  • They hate the mainstream, socio-political machine, but holy shit, do they love IKEA.
  • They prefer to have a full bed or larger so they have room to sleep with their MacBook, iPhone, Moleskine, a pile of dirty American Apparel clothes, a copy of last month's "Nylon", an ashtray full of Parliaments, and an empty beer bottle or two.
  • Crazy-ass patterns on hats and hoodies act as a hipster's camouflage in the war against normalcy.
  • They accessorize a lot so when their egos become too inflated, they'll be anchored and won't float away.
  • Hipster bars smell like unwashed armpits and arrogance.
  • Each one is waiting for someone else to say, "Wait. They don't love you like I love you..."
  • Most girls love Ed Westwick because they want a guy who is able to lock tongues passionately, be viciously spiteful, and then pass out in a drunken stupor -- all within the span of 3 minutes.
  • They'll express their love by burning you a mixed CD of obscure bands they think you should start listening to.
  • They don't shower because it's too mainstream.**
  • Guys make passes at girls with thick glasses.
* If you can't sense the sarcasm, we haven't been properly introduced. Maybe I should include relevant links to all the items on my tumblr which would serve as embarrassing illustrations of my overwhelming originality. I'll limit it to this. Oh, and this, because I have made that statement before in complete (if self-deprecating) earnest.
** Some of them are just lazy. I mean, not that I would know.


brista said...

I am reading this post as I'm listening to Maps by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and just as I read, "Each one is waiting for someone else to say, "Wait. They don't love you like I love you..."", the song chorus starts. Which just so happens to be..."Wait. They don't love you like I love you..."


sweet jane. said...

Some of us-- oops, I mean them of course-- have just discovered dry shampoo and are never looking back.

eleanor hope said...

dude. you are so funny. even though i love the hipster scene, i do have to laugh because it's so true.

and sweet jane, i have yet to buy n relish the wonders of dry shampoo. sephora, here i come. stock up. (ha just kidding).

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