Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Moment with Kim: Snake bracelets! Snake bracelets for everyone!

"So, Kim, what have you been up to in 2009?"
Oh, nothing much. Just chillin' with my SNAKE BRACELET. Note the Dawn Schafer wannabe hair. Refrain from commenting on the all-black ensemble.

Now, it's not the traditional C. Kishi snake bracelet - hers was of the wraparound variety. But this one has me written all over it and I've lusted after it just about forever. It's already become a staple piece in my jewelry collection. It rules. It inspires me to write haiku using BSC slang.

Dearest snake bracelet
You are totally acute
As well as distant

(That is beautiful, isn't it?)

From what my friend Kriti reports, this particular piece has been RTV'd (Return[ed] to Vender, for those of you lucky enough to have avoided the joys of a career in retail) by the Target corporation. (She actually got into an argument with one of their employees over why she couldn't buy it since they were just going to return it anyway. She is so sassy sometimes!) But don't fret! I've spent valuable minutes of my life (minutes I could have used for tasks of greater importance, like shoe shopping) searching the web -- mostly etsy, 'cause, you know, support independent designers and all that jazz -- to find Claudia-approved* snake bracelets.

1. michellechangjewelry - Snake Bracelet with Diamonds in Sterling Silver
2. UNEARTHED - Oversized Snakeskin Bangle Bracelet
3. OnyxHardwareDesigns - Slither Bracelet
4. miamiamia - Very Wide Sexy Black Textured Peyote Stitched Beaded Cuff Bracelet
5. UNEARTHED - Electric Blue Snakeskin Silver Lined Cuff Bracelet
6. UNEARTHED - Electric Blue Snakeskin Buckle Bracelet
7. LaSe - Snake Sleek
8. Fashion gold tone leather snake bracelet watch
9. Urban Outfitters - Expandable Snake Bracelet

And if you're looking to mix it up a little bit, Anomaly Jewelry has some killer snake rings - notably this two finger ring. Definitely haiku-worthy.

Two finger snake ring:
As rings go, you're damn sexy
I long to wear you

* Just channeling a fictional 13 year old! Nothing unusual going on over here!


melinda13079 said...

I'm secretly (or not so secretly) coveting your SNAKE BRACELET. Seriously. I want one. Now. Not sure what I think of the two finger snake ring. I have a feeling I'd spend the entire day trying to separate my claustrophobic fingers.

the-stars-say said...

those braclets are swell. Ms Kishi would be proud.

maebytonight said...

i want that two fingered ring! it's a snake! on TWO FINGERS!! as if it was slowly coiling around to take over my whole HAND!

Cris Lazoru said...

Wow! u r like the bastard child of dawn and stacy! with claudia as your nana (you know she totally stole your halloween candy right?)

and the haikus are so dibble


nikki said...

Did you see the Golden Globes last night?? Sandra Bullock was sporting a SNAKE BRACELET!
Very timely...

So@24 said...

I always pegged you as Dawn Schafer. From day 1.

PS. Can I borrow that Indian coin you found in that passage?

Whitney said...

thank god there was no mention of snake arm cuffs.

saratogajean said...

scouring etsy
for a rocking snake bracelet
is time spent wisely

Alyson said...

But what the people really want to know is; how do you feel about evil Blair making a comeback? Also a snake bracelet is totally right up Serena's alley. I think it's only a matter of time before we see it.

H's Blog said...

The baby sitters club movie where Kristy's dad came back was on OnDemand over the weekend and I watched it. And I cried. And I'm 23 and can't part with my box of BSC books!

Bradford Pearson said...

Never mind the all-black ensemble, was this picture taken in a library?

caviar80 said...

I just saw these coiled snake rings and had to come post :P,1/

I´m relieved I´m not the only one who used to stop and imagine the outfit descriptions of BSC books.

Katie said...

my bf bought me a bracelet (stingray) from unearthed for christmas and it is FANTASTIC!! i would highly recommend them!

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