Sunday, October 18, 2009

No Snark, Just Love

Courtney Summers* frantically tweeted a link to me the other day. "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS?!!!" she asked. I'm not sure what I was expecting. Maybe a Jon & Kate Plus 8 parody or an Arrested Development .gif. Certainly not an Amazon listing for a new BSC book.

Before there was the Baby-Sitters Club, there were four girls named Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, and Stacey McGill. As they start the summer before seventh grade (also before they start the BSC), each of them is on the cusp of a big change. Kristy is still hung up on hoping that her father will return to her family. Mary Anne has to prove to her father that she's no longer a little girl who needs hundreds of rules. Claudia is navigating her first major crush on a boy. And Stacey is leaving her entire New York City life behind... order to find new friends in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.

The Summer Before . . . is a sweet, moving novel about four girls on the edge of something big - not just the Club that will change their lives, but also all the joys and tribulations of being twelve and thirteen.

Okay, it's 224 pages. So we're basically looking at a Super Special. Here's hoping for alternating narrators, handwritten journal entries, and paragraph-long outfit descriptions.

Man. New Stephen King and Douglas Coupland novels (on the same day, no less) in November. A new BSC book in 2010. Everything's coming up Kim!

* (PLUG ALERT) author of Cracked Up to Be and January's Some Girls Are. You can check out the first chapter of Some Girls Are here. It's a pretty heavy book - after I read it I told Courtney it made her first book look like My Little Pony. She was delighted by this analysis, because she is slightly depraved. In a good way. Sure, she enjoys crafting sympathetic characters and then making terrible things happen to them. So what?


Worthington said...

This epic moment just made my month. This book will be perfect for a day off when I am planning on not doing anything important... probably drinking a hot toddy and laying in bed. Awesome.

Tiff said...

This is unbelievable. This is the news that I never knew I was waiting for since the BSC graduated at the end of that horrific Friends Forever spinoff.


And by the way, Ann M. Martin's PR peeps are totally ripping off Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with that description.

Josh & Kallie said...

Love the Millhouse reference :)

Sadako said...

Yeah, I can't wait!

S said...

you know they're catering to people like us.

Lexie said...


J for Joyce said...


missmelissaanne said...

aaahhh! NEW BSC! I think my head just exploded with happiness!

i loved those handwritten journal entries!

Sirinya said...


Alexandra & Abbie Claire said...

Hello. We're Abbie Claire & Alexandra. We just started a new blog and we would really appreciate it if you would check it out. I (abbie claire) found your blog first and remembered how much I loved the Babysitter's Club when I was little and I told Alexandra about it. Truthfully, you are really our inspiration (also, you got me hooked on Gossip Girl!) So, again we would really appriciate it if you checked us out at: The House of Alexandra & Abbie Claire. Thanks!

xA said...

I like that your header is helvetica. I like helvetica.

Zareena said...

I spent an hour yesterday going through this site and reading old posts, and I LOVE IT. I wanted to be Claudia when I was a kid...we're talking went to school with half of my hair braided into small braids and the other half loose.

Just wanted to say that I love your blog!

deanna said...

Love this site, but you should update What Chuck Wore!

Raindrop said...




Can I link to my blog here? Is that okay?

Your blog is amazing!!

Ryan said...

Hello. Today I stumbled across your blog and I must tell you, it has rapidly manifested into My New Favorite Thing. Your sense of humor is so brilliant. I know what you're thinking, "Yeah right, kid! I'm just a common blogger." But I think we both know that's not true. I just love the way you use the Baby-Sitters Club books to construct such funny and clever ways of talking about the little distractions you obsess about. Amazed by all the references to Twilight, Stephen King, Gossip Girl, etc. too. I am utterly charmed!

stace said...

OH I got super excited because I thought it was a new book about the original four at high school. It's not.
But come on.
Any BSC fan from the nineties, aka all of us, will probably get this book (and be disappointed). But I sure hope you review it!

Catherine said...

Just found your blog - awesome and hilarious. I think we must have read all the same things (and been as into reading) when we were younger. Can't wait to see what you think of the new book!


kate.o.d said...

just read this. i imagine you have read it, but i have just been directed towards your blog today and cannot get enough of it. can i move in? but i will be sleeping over at "what chuck wore" whenever he is not slumming it out in brooklyn.
i've been preoccupied with trying to imagine what the BSC are doing as adults. tomorrow i might think about what they would be WEARING as adults...

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