Thursday, April 12, 2007

#22: Jessi Ramsey, Pet Sitter

"Claudia also loves fashion, and you should see her clothes. They are amazing, always wild. Like, she'll wear a miniskirt, black tights, push-down socks, high-top sneakers, a shirt she's painted or decorated herself, and big earrings she's made. Her hair might be pulled into a ponytail and held in place with not one but six or seven puffy ponytail holders, a row of them cascading down her hair. I'm always fascinated by Claudia."

"Claudia was wearing another of her great outfits. This one consisted of an oversized, short-sleeved cotton shirt with gigantic leaves printed all over it, green leggings - the same green as the leaves on her shirt - bright yellow push-down socks, her purple high-tops, and in her hair a headband with a gigantic purple bow attached to one side.

Claud is so, so cool . . . especially compared to me. I was also wearing an oversized shirt - a white sweat shirt with ballet shoes on the front - but with it I was just wearing jeans and regular socks and regular sneakers."


  1. i remember reading bsc books when i was little and not knowing what pushdown socks were. so i just imagined theme as like these epic pieces of sock-dom. because if claudia and stacy were wearing them they must be cool...

  2. Oh, dear God... I stumbled across your blog from the Vogue Australia forums. I remember reading that Claudia wore multiple ponytail holders... so of course, I wore my hair that way to school every now and then.

    I was nine or ten. Tres chic. =p

  3. Puffy ponytail holders... does that mean scrunchies??

  4. Wait - she's NOT wearing a leotard?