Tuesday, September 23, 2008

#27: Jessi and the Superbrat

Remember everyone: the Superbrat turned out to be Derek. Derek Masters, you aren't going to become a child star stereotype, are you? Ann M. Martin should definitely update the series for Our Modern Times, because I think it would be FABULOUS if Adult Stacey (who, let's face it, would be a total club rat and we both know it) happened upon Derek Masters and Mary Kate Olsen blowing lines in the VIP room at Hyde. It could be like when the Sweet Valley money-grubbers created the Sweet Valley University series and Jessica was having sex and getting married and I could not have imagined anything more scandalous, because that was a kinder, gentler time when Gossip Girl had not yet been invented. How fierce was Serena last night, BTW? (Did you notice my casual segue into Upper East Side gossip? I am getting better at hiding my true intentions: infecting everyone around me with the Gossip Girl Virus. Resistence is futile AND unfashionable.)

I wish I had better news about Claudia's fierceness level, but it is pretty low right now: "she had two french braids pulled back and wound into one. She's also a wild dresser. A that meeting she was wearing a bright pink t-shirt, a short red flouncy skirt, and underneath the skirt she had on black footless tights that she had rolled up to mid-calf."

Oh honey no. Calf-length leggings (footless tights, same difference) are even more hideous than regular leggings.

Well, that sure was a disappointment. Let's try to forget by having a Mini Moment with Kim. I should have written about this earlier, but I met a real life Claudia in my summer session class. It was amazing. Every day I'd be like "damn, I should be photographing this girl because my little blog readers are NEVER going to believe this shit."

Finally, on the last day of class, I took notes on her outfit - Ann M. Martin & Army of Ghostwriters style. (And yeah, I did get permission from her to post them.)

"Today, Julia had on a grey plaid jumper over a green t-shirt. There was writing on the t-shirt, so you could see a bit of the detailing peeking out over the jumper. Underneath, she was wearing a pair of cuffed grey jeans and old-school Adidas soccer sneakers. And, of course, she finished the outfit with a jelly headband made of overlapping hearts and a pink beaded necklace with a wrought iron pentagram pendant. On anyone else, the outfit might have looked strange or mismatched, but on Julia it was totally cool."

And it was.

And, because it's not an entry if I'm not pimping something: A friend of mine just released a new EP called The Stendhal Syndrome and it is pretty damn awesome. Go download it and then leave some comments. Preferably dirty ones, because it would amuse me. Joe would probably appreciate it also.


copperoranges said...

that julia sounds kishi-fierce.

courtney said...

I think it would be FABULOUS if Adult Stacey (who, let's face it, would be a total club rat and we both know it) happened upon Derek Masters and Mary Kate Olsen blowing lines in the VIP room at Hyde.

That visual. Is just too big. For my head to comprehend. WOW. A+++

feverhoney said...

Julia sounds like a cool girl and all, but unless she's got papier mache parrot shaped earrings, Claud wins.

And Serena makes a chilling Queen Bee, but let's face it, she's nowhere near as fierce as Chuck.

Emilia said...

Wow, you totally channeled the Ann M. Martin writing style in that paragraph. If you'd changed Julia's name to Claudia I would have bought it.

Piefinger said...

wow. My friends just directed me to your blog because I started a BSC where are they now project on my blog. The similarity in concept of adult Stacey is pretty startling. check it out:

smillar said...

I found this site through another blog and you totally make me want to go back and re-read all of these books I loved so much as a kid. What a great blog idea !

Joy said...

are you familiar with the bsc graphic novels? a claudia headliner is coming out in november.

kokostiletto said...

yeah serena is awesome! i think GG is changing our way of life!

Camila said...

i think it's fierce that claudia even goes out in public the way she does. she's so wild! great segue by the way. thanks for this blog!

Melissa Walker said...

love your blog! A high school friend directed me to it, and I'm so into the premise. Claudia was my first style icon (often misguidedly...). And Blair is my new one.

Polar Infinite said...

Kim, thank you so much for the shameless promotion. I cant say that I am truly familiar with the Babysitters Club series, but if there are any women on here, or men for that matter, who would like to write an independent hip hop concept album based solely on the book series, I would excitedly produce the music for it! EXCITEDLY. Thanks again kim. (also check out www.myspace.com/therealnastymidnighters)


astrodominie said...

love your blog. like seriously. insanely funny. i wish you'd take this series called Chalet School and trash it as well. totally deserves it.

question. why is claudia constantly called japanese-american? how does a japanese-american look? because isn't she just japanese, even though her parents were brought up in america? wouldn't j-a imply that one of her parents is american?


Kimmie said...

This is such a cute site I am going to really look at it when I have a chance but had to say hi!

C said...

holy crap. i thought my co-worker was secretly a whore-ish punky brewster. you have alerted me to the fact that she is probably a less stylish claudia. you. are. awesome.

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