Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Moment with Kim: Actually, it's a Moment with Meghan and Half of TomKat

Alert Reader Meghan sent me a couple of pictures that I think you'll find very interesting.This is a great cover. Kristy is truly paving some new fashion ground, Stacey is sporting some serious Mom Jeans, Mary Anne is actually wearing jean shorts that say I ♥ New York, and, uh . . . Dawn continues her embrace of the Texas Tuxedo. Mallory is trying the best she can, I suppose. I'm not even touching Jessi's attire. Done.

I think Claud is wearing oxfords, but it's kind of hard to tell, even on the actual book cover. She's got the signature side ponytail (red scrunchie). I feel like she's lowering herself by wearing the same shirt as Stacey "Mom Jeans" McGill, but I guess 13 year old girls do those things. Overall, it's an okay outfit - there's lots of jewelry involved, a plus in my book.

(oh, and "they're not sleeping until they see all of it"? What sort of time crunch are these girls on here? Ambitious, ladies. Real ambitious.)

And here's Katie Holmes and her broken spirit. Rocking a similar pair of cuffed denim shorts over black tights.

Meghan (who is in a band named Claudia and the Kishis, which is obviously the best band name ever) thought this outfit was missing a pair of lightbulb earrings.

I don't really know how to interpret this combination of items. I'm usually all about heels but they're kind of throwing everything off for me. And the stirrup tights certainly aren't helping. I don't care for the scarf either. I mean, it's a gray rectangle. Try again.

Presented with this scarf, Claudia would have looked up traditional Native American designs and beaded her way to greatness -- on a salary of $4 per hour.


Natalie said...

You win the best prize ever for discovering why Katie Holmes dressed the way she did!!!! I saw that outfit on eNews the other day and they had her face blotted out and I was like, "it's Katie" -- and now I have some relevance. Of course she read Babysitters club. Of course Claudia was her hero.

courtney said...

And here's Katie Holmes and her broken spirit.

Lulzing my ass off at that was wrong.

But it felt so right.

En said...

It's the tights that do it, they throw the heels off. This outfit just shows how easy it is for something to be weird and boring simultaneously.

Hey Kim, you've got your ear to the ground, is it true she's not allowed to wear makeup or anything unless Tom is around? What's the scoop?

Tamia said...

I SO WORE a t-shirt, rolled denim shorts, black leggings, and shiny black "policeman shoes" to the mall circa 1992 because of this picture. You could not tell me I wasn't the hottest thing there.

Damn you, Claudia! Damn you and your creatively wacky fashion sense!

Gina said...

I just found your blog and it might be the most hilarious thing ever. I don't understand how you can read the books again - I worked in a middle school a few years back and was going to read one to my kids. I was prereading it for planning purposes but I couldn't even finish it. It made me sad, because I was absolutely obsessed back in the day. Now I can enjoy them again.

castlesburning said...

I could never figure out why exactly it was such a big freakin' deal to see NYC for these girls...I also grew up in CT, and trust me, everyone by eighth grade had been to all the touristy places numerous times with various school and other groups, and their families. It wasn't as if it wasn't, oh, AN HOUR AWAY BY TRAIN.

That said, you hit it right on the head. This cover was the epitome of fug, LOL

Carolyn said...

Why, yes, Claudia and the Kishis definitely IS the best band name ever.

Michelle said...

I think Stacey is wearing the same shirt as Claudia, not the other way around. Copycat...

Lol. Sad, sad Katie Holmes.

So@24 said...

Did Mary Anne ever shed the pigtails? I mean, how old were they when the Super Specials came out, seriously...

Yvonne said...

question - do you live in stonybrook new york?

Tahda said...

thank you for making me laugh til I teared-up.

amazing post :)

Stiletto Sports Jen said...

this could be the best idea for a blog ever! I LOVE it! I'm a BSC lover! I will admit that I was (ahem, am) a diehard SVHer too.

Found you through 20s something and will be back again and again! So great!

Stiletto Sports Jen said...

oops actually it wasn't through 20s something. It was from someone that is on the 20sSomething Blog Network that linked to your site! Sorry about that!

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